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Went into detox to re-evaluate the footprint technology has made on my day-to-day life. The things I feared going in, such as being unaware of the time or being unavailable, became the things I embraced and grew fond of. In addition I, came out with a new respect for eating incredibly healthy and delicious vegetarian food. With this in mind, I’ve decided to cut meat out of my diet, starting with red meat tomorrow evening…

They put intricate care and love into the whole experience. In hindsight, I’d would’ve happily paid more. An amazing time where I learned more about my myself than I ever could’ve imagined. Changed my life and then some.

- Jonathan Lally, (previously) Community Manager at Google


The most amazing weekend I’ve had in years.

Thank you Brooke and Levi for a most exquisite weekend at Orr Hot Springs. I greatly appreciate the attention to detail you put into every aspect of the experience. The love and care you expressed in every meal, activity and conversation will stay with me for a long time to come.

It was a rejuvenating time that has recharged my batteries and reminded me of the truly important things in life…connection and presence. Thank you for bringing us all together and creating such a nurturing and nourishing environment. I didn’t miss my technology for one second.

I HIGHLY recommend this retreat for everyone I know. Three days of vegan meals, fresh juices, yoga, meditation, hot springs, hiking, new friends and NO WORK TALK or TECHNOLOGY.

- Kyra Reed, Social Branding and Strategy Consultant


The digital detox is a transformational experience that everyone should do. I cant wait for my next retreat!
- Garett Awad, Director of Retail Marketing TOMS



 This was the best experience I have had for restoration that did not require me to leave the country. I was able to find parts of myself that had been neglected for a long time. The Digital Detox was simply awesome. I highly recommend it to those who are willing to let it all go, just for few days. This retreat is for those who understand that it is a gift to be able to participate in this experience and welcome it. Majestic trees, magic waters, starry nights and fellow tech weary travelers arrived as strangers and left as life long friends.
– Desdemona Bandini, Social Media Strategist
Levi, Brooke, and The Team provide a beautiful, safe and loving space for relaxation and reflection. Hot Springs were amazing.
- Edward Harran, Digital Strategist


The Digital Detox gave me a place to connect to others without judgements or perceptions based on what ‘they do,’ but rather gave us all a chance to bond more deeply through an inward and outward experience of nature, meditation, yoga and good food. I felt nourished on several levels. Being away from technology was relaxing, but I think the real juice is in rebooting what it means to be human.‎Levi and Brooke are beautiful human beings and this weekend shifted something in all of us. Thanks for all of your warmth, love and compassion. I will carry that into the world with me and give others a piece of the gift you gave me. I look forward to hanging out soon!

- Chelsea Rustrum, Author and Social Entrepreneur



The Digital Detox retreat was a wonderful way to “disappear” from my busy life and allow other parts of myself to reappear — and to reconnect with the simple pleasures of redwood trees, good food and laughter, and the vital needs of reflection, nature, and the healing power of water. The people running it have utter integrity and are genuinely called to do it for the right reasons, so you can put yourself in their hands with confidence.
- Daniel Housman, Screenwriter


The Digital Detox was a phenomenal experience and the hands-down best run retreat (or event) I have ever attended. The DT crew put unimaginable detail into every aspect of the retreat that made it such a powerful weekend. Highly recommended to anyone who has a computer and absolutely critical for any entrepreneur or employee of a fast-paced company.

P.S. since I got back we have been 100% no cell phones in bedroom or at dinner. LOVE it and a great simple element that is easy to implement. THANKS!!!

- Forest Bronzan, CEO Bronzan Media Group LLC



I first learned about the Digital Detox at a dinner Brook and Levi invited my then girlfriend and I to. I was hesitant to commit, I felt like I didn’t have the time nor money to devote towards myself. Later that week my girlfriend broke up with me. I was alone for the first time in 4 years. I needed to reboot and remembered Levi talking about a retreat. Without explanation I contacted Levi and asked for a spot.

I didn’t know what to expect from the retreat. All I knew was that talking about work was off limits and I wouldn’t be able to update my status for the next 4 days. The retreat was transformational. This was the first time I was seriously engaged in yoga, meditation, and endured silence. I discovered that I have a propencty for sitting still and by the end of the weekend I could touch my toes.

Before the detox I had told my friend about the retreat and he said he had gone on a similar retreat years ago. He explained how he considers the time before and the time after two separate chapters in his life. I didn’t believe that I would feel that way about the Digital Detox but it turns out he was exactly right.

When I got back to work a felt far more connected with my coworkers. Looked into their eyes and saw them as the unique individuals that they are instead of the utility they could provide to me. My stress levels have fallen dramatically in part because at the retreat I was able to remove myself from crisis mode that I was previously operating in. I’ve realized that if I want to be my best self at work I need to devote energy into finding my center. The Digital Detox coincided with a transformational moment in my life and I’m grateful that I was able to participate in the Digital Detox.

Matt Harnack,  Creative Services / Video Production, Facebook

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