Digital Detox is a slow-down, not a startup.


We are dedicated to creating balance in the digital age.

In an era of constant silicon valley acceleration, over abundant screen time, always being available, endless networking, information overload, tech driven anxiety, social media everything, internet addiction and a constant sense of FOMO (fear of missing) – many have referred to us as the ultimate decelerator. We help you slow down.

Our Mission: Inspire, empower and teach our collective generation how to create more mindful, meaningful and balanced lives, both online and off.



Taking a step back, pressing pause and giving ourselves the opportunity to create healthy relationships with our technologies and screens will determine the future of humanity. Developing positive habits now, setting good examples for our children, and filling our days with more meaningful social interactions  – will guide future generations towards healthier lives.

Together, we will define what it truly means to be connected.



We believe that social movements and human growth thrive when change is sparked on the individual level and when celebrated as a community. Thus, we organize cultural events, lead interactive education, create science-based unique programming and curiculum, host device-free retreats and camps, teach corporate workshops + seminars, focus on community building and outdoor adventure.


What We Do?

Whether on the yoga mat or dining room table, in an office or while hiking through the woods, we create experiences that transform lives.

Host Digital Detox Retreats

Organize Device-Free Drinks, Community Gatherings and Phone-Free Parties

Create Analog Zones at Festivals and Conferences

Lead Corporate Workshops for tech companies and teams

Run Camp Grounded – Summer Camp For Adults

We provide individuals and teams the opportunity to put aside their digital arm, gain perspective, and reemerge with new found inspiration and balance.

Don’t get us wrong. We are not luddites. 

In fact, we love technology and innovation; the potential of this brilliant future drives us to achieve greatness each day. Though we know just like you, that in order to truly reboot and gain perspective, to stay healthy and happy, it’s important to unplug.

We all need to make time to Digital Detox, disconnect to reconnect, and remember what it means to simply be human.

Digital Detox



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Digital Detox is an organization dedicated to creating balance in the digital age. We produce device-free events, lead workshops, host retreats and summer camps, run corporate trainings + seminars and bridge the gap between disconnecting and connecting.

Thank you…

For being awesome. We look forward to meeting you soon.

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